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Our Pregnancy Loss

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

I have some anxiety about sharing this, but we both feel that for our grieving process we need to share and will feel a sense of relief once we do. We were pregnant, but our lives changed 6 weeks ago.

We couldn’t keep this a secret because

  1. We want everyone to know we have two children now. One just happens to be in heaven.

  2. We feel like we’d be living a lie because keeping this a secret would be like denying it happened (for us) [This is in no way to shame anyone who has chosen not to share their experience. We just personally feel this way for our lives and grief process]

  3. There is no reason this should be a taboo subject anymore. To suffer in silence only to make others feel more comfortable shouldn’t be a part of our culture! Thankfully we’ve had a tribe of family and friends who have been in the know and have not made us suffer in silence.

On February 24, 2021 we found out our baby no longer had a heartbeat. On February 25, 2021 I birthed our baby and we began the journey of grieving the loss. God has made himself evident through this entire journey and I will share how soon for those who want to know. I just want to let others know that God doesn’t only show up on the mountain tops but He also shows up in the valleys. This was evident during our journey with Tru, but this experience was obviously entirely different. Experiencing Jesus through the devastation and grief has been comforting, much needed and a little wild. He is so gracious, kind and good to us through every season. I asked the Lord to give us our baby’s name in my sleep. He gave me the name Olive Jean. I will share the significance and meaning of her name soon.

I’m sharing this on behalf of Derek and myself for our own grieving process. We wanted and needed to let those who have been so kind to us during other seasons of our life to know. I wish this post would have been announcing that we will be having another baby, but instead it’s to announce Olive’s existence in heaven. Please be kind to us in your responses and during this time as we are still riding the waves of grief.

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