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Olive's Name Origin

I wanted to thank everyone for all of the kind words, prayers and condolences after we shared our news about baby Olive. We do feel a sense of relief knowing so many of our friends and family are now aware. It doesn’t make it any less traumatic or upsetting, but the support and love has been needed.

I mentioned on our last post that I had asked God to give me our baby’s name in my sleep. I told y’all he gave me the name Olive Jean. I wanted to explain the story behind her name since I had some people ask. In biblical times names were so important. Do a quick Google search about it and you’ll find out a lot. So since becoming a Christian we’ve known we wanted our children’s names to have meaning. This story is a little long so stick with me. I think it’s pretty cool. But it’s also my story so I’m biased.

We had a baby name picked out for a girl. After I found out I was pregnant as I was praying I heard a promise from the Lord using this specific name we had picked out. So when we lost this baby I was confused. Why would He give me a promise for this baby if she was just going to pass away.

I was angry and confused, but then I realized it’s quite possible that the Lord was giving me a future word and this baby wasn’t her - so I needed to know what this baby’s name was. I needed confirmation that I was hearing Him correctly. So I prayed and asked Him for our baby’s name. That night I woke up multiple times hearing the name Olive Jean. I was in and out of sleep so I thought He was saying “Olive tree” I thought He was giving me some sort of prophetic picture lol. I remember even in my dream saying “Lord are you saying Olive Tree?” and I heard him say, “No! Olive Jean.” I woke up that morning a little shocked that He actually gave me her name (I mean I shouldn’t have been because God’s good like that) and kind of questioning myself. Yes, I’m human like the rest of y’all and I question what I hear from God sometimes. Except not long after I woke I realized that name sounded familiar. I was pretty certain someone on Derek’s side of the family was named Olive, but I wasn’t sure who. Derek had to contact his dad to ask.

While I was waiting to hear if I was right about it being a family name I looked up the meaning of the name Olive. It means “symbol of impending peace.” I mean how perfect. Holy Spirit was telling me peace was coming. The night before I had went through a traumatic experience birthing Olive. You can call it a miscarriage if you want - but most won’t tell you, if you don’t have a D&C and you choose to pass your baby naturally you go through labor. Some women’s don’t last long and others like myself go through hours of contractions (either way it’s devastating). So to know her name meant this was amazing. I needed to know peace was coming after the storm.

Derek’s dad told him Olive was his grandma’s name. So she was Derek's great grandmother. She was Johnnie Truman’s ( Derek’s grandad) mom. If you don’t know the story about Truman, our son, and his naming story - God gave Derek Truman’s name while he was sleeping as well (we had a completely different boys name picked out). And when Derek woke he realized the name was just the reverse of his grandad’s name. So to find out God had us name Truman after Derek’s grandad and then God told me to name this baby Olive after Johnnie’s mom is really special. I mean I don’t understand the significance of it fully, but pretty wild right? The only thing I’ve thought about is in the ancient near east (Bible times) people were identified as sons or daughter of their father. You’ll always notice the paternal side is where people were identified. Kind of like in the west how our last name is how we identify with what family we belong. Jesus naming our kids after Derek’s father side doesn’t super surprise me.

Olive was never a name on a list of baby names for us and we didn’t even know who on Derek’s side of the family had that name. The significance is just wild to think about.

Then comes the middle name Jean. It took me 5 days to look this one up. I think I was just awestruck that God gave me the name Olive and that it actually had a family connection. So when I looked up the name Jean my mouth dropped open. It’s the feminine version of the name John. John is Truman’s middle name! It means God is gracious. So Truman and Olive’s middle name has the same meaning. God is gracious! I can’t make this stuff up people. I went to sleep, and heard this name. I wasn’t freaking googling baby names and trying to make up connections.

How kind and gracious is God to give me her name in the first place, let alone confirm it was Him by making such cool connections? During this whole time it also just confirmed to me He was right there with me. Holding my hand and walking me through this grief.

After I found out about great grandma Olive. I had this vision come into my mind of grandma Olive, Grandad Johnnie and baby Olive sitting together on a bench underneath an olive tree. I believe the vision took place in heaven. Johnnie (our grandad who Tru is named after) passed away from cancer a couple years ago, so I believe all three of them are in heaven hanging out in peace, loving each other and loving Jesus. I had my friend Kandace draw this vision for me so I could frame it. She did an amazing job! Thank you friend!

Staring at this picture gives me perspective. As a believer in Jesus - I know that one day all of us will be together again. Heaven is not just a mystical fictional story we have been told about. It’s real. It’s truth. How freaking amazing is that going to be when I not only get to embrace my Heavenly Father but grandma Olive, grandad and baby Olive will be there waiting to embrace me - along with so many others. My mom’s mom- my grandma - passed away just a couple weeks before Olive and I know that she is also helping take care of my sweet baby!

Thank you Jesus for your promise of eternal life. That my grief is only confined to this life because one day I will hold our baby - my timing has just been postponed. As someone who doesn’t really talk about heaven and hell a lot- well because Im too busy experiencing God here on earth - it doesn’t negate the absolute truth there is a heaven and a hell and this life is only but a glimpse. My grief is not without hope. My faith is not in vain (1 Cor. 15:12-19). Thank you Jesus you made a way for all of us to live with you forever - including my precious baby Olive Jean!

Artist Credit: Kandace Meinen

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