Build Your Faith Challenge Day 9

Challenge: Have you screwed up? Who hasn't?! God knows we aren't perfect. Thank goodness we serve an extremely gracious God. If you've found yourself in a mess and you are having a hard time getting out of it, remember the kindness of God. Look at the big picture and admit if you've caused some of your pain. We do a great job in our society of justifying ourselves and pointing our finger at others. The Bible expresses the importance of repentance over 100 times. It clearly states that if we renounce and confess our sins than we can find mercy. Isn't that amazing? Confess your mistakes today and ask Him to shower you with grace and mercy. He will do it!


If what you're going through isn't your fault, He will look down on you and shower his mercy when you cry out to Him. Read out loud with faith Psalms 77. Read it out loud over and over again until you make it your own. He is a miracle working God and He will show you His power just like He did for so many in the Bible. Remember friends, we go through seasons and the one you are in now may not be the one you're in three, six or nine months from now. He takes care of us through every season.