Build Your Faith Challenge Day 7

ChallengeDo you find yourself going through life with the attitude of "I don't care" or "That's good enough" or "Everything's okay?" Like Derek, it's easy to deceive ourselves into thinking life is supposed to be that way. The Messiah of the world did not come to earth, offer us His Spirit and command us to do greater works than He did so we could live an okay life. When Jesus says, "I've come that they may have life, and have it to the full," the life he mentions isn't talking about just our existence. The word "life" in Greek is translated "Zoe." Zoe Life means the God kind of Life. The only way to fully live is to have God's life radiating through your body. When you have God's life, you begin to care about what He cares about. You experience joy, power and purpose!


Today when you find yourself alone, command that spirit of apathy to GET OFF OF YOU. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you up with His Life. Ask Jesus to uproot all careless thoughts and give you His heart. Don't waste another minute living an okay life. Let's live a FULL GOD LIFE!