Build Your Faith Challenge Day 6

ChallengeWrite down a list of family and friends. Next to their names write what you would like God to do in their lives. In Devin and Kristi's life we wanted them to move closer to us and see them walk in empowerment and strength. We knew that with the help of our pastors and mentors they would be able to fully walk into their destiny. Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers. It literally brings us to tears when we see them operating in who God has called them to be.


Your list may look like this:

Mom - salvation

Sue - for her to see her identity in Christ

Rob - for open doors in ministry

Jan - freedom from anxiety and depression


It is our responsibility as believers to pray for our family and friends. Make a commitment for the remainder of this Faith Challenge to pray for them each day. Let us know in 15 days what kind of changes you see in your family and friends. This is going to be good!