Build Your Faith Challenge Day 5

ChallengeWe hope after watching this video that you are now a believer that healing does happen today. You can search Youtube and find thousands of healing testimonies. We want to challenge you to get on board. God is the Great Physician and He wants to heal!


Whether you already believe in healing or not, we want to challenge your thinking. We believe most of the time healing isn't taking place in our lives because we have our own ideas of what should happen for us to receive it. If it doesn't happen in our way or timing, then we want to give up. 


What if God asks us to go wash in the Jordan River seven times, but you wanted to wash in the river closest to you (see the story of Naaman in 2 Kings 5:1-19). What if God is asking you to declare scripture over yourself and then travel to Kansas City to get prayer at the House of Hope and Healing? We challenge you to do what God is asking you to do, no matter the cost.

As Derek mentions in this video, he received healing by attending our church, getting hands laid on him by our pastors and having them pray over him (James 5:14). If you're not sure where to start, that should be one of the first things you do! A great resource for you would be this book - He Sent His Word and Healed Them: Every Healing Scripture. This book will help you declare healing scriptures and activate them in your life or the life of a loved one.


Seek out God's wisdom for YOU. What is he asking YOU to do? Don't quit when you don't see your healing overnight. Believe the word of God, receive your healing and stand in faith that you've received it even before you see it.

We are standing and believing with you for your healing!