Build Your Faith Challenge Day 4

Challenge: Today's challenge is longer than normal, but please read all the way through. We believe what we have to share will really help you. Money has such a grip on our society, so giving to God can be hard to justify in our own natural minds, especially when more money goes out than comes in. There is one place in the Bible where God says to test Him. It's in Malachi 3:10, He says test me in this (your tithing). Listen, test God. Give Him six months and we bet you will see a change. If you don't, then stop. If you are faithful and a good steward with your money - He will bless you.


If you don't attend a church we highly encourage you to seek out a church in your area to attend and begin tithing. If you don't have a church in your area start sowing into a ministry that you're being fed the Word of God. We know the church isn't perfect and there are a lot of issues in religion, but the Bible urges us to not forsake gathering together (Hebrews 10:25).  

I know many of our readers already give to God. You're like "You're preaching to the choir Derek and Sabrina." Yes, but how many of us are giving cheerfully and with complete expectation that He will do something miraculous in our finances? 


2 Corinthians 9:7 says to not give reluctantly or grudgingly. So we not only challenge you to give cheerfully again, but think about sowing even more generously with an expectation that you will reap generously. When you do we'd love to hear how God shows off in your life. Share your story with us in the Build Your Faith Challenge Community group on Facebook!