Build Your Faith Challenge Day 19

Challenge: ​There is a phrase we constantly say to our toddler that many of us should say to ourselves in our walk with God. That saying is - OBEY RIGHT AWAY. We are teaching our toddler that we love him and want to keep him safe. It's important that he learns to listen right away. He could be in immediate danger if he doesn't. God asks the same of us. If we don't listen to Him and obey right away, we could:


1. Get ourselves in an unsafe situation.

2. Miss what He has for us.

3. Miss His timing and be completely out of His will.

4. Miss His provision.


When we immediately obey God, the timing is perfect, there is no need to orchestrate our own plans, and God provides for us every step of the way. Next time God asks you to do something - don't hesitate. Do it right away. You can trust He has your best interests at heart.