Build Your Faith Challenge Day 17

ChallengeHave you ever taken away all distractions and fully focused on worshipping Jesus? Begin practicing at home and see how near God comes when your words are no longer lip service, but every word you sing and say to Him is truth. Turn on some worship music today and try focusing for 5 minutes. If your mind gets off track, immediately get focused again. Tomorrow worship for 10 minutes and then begin increasing your time slowly after that. We don't become Christians and then immediately become disciplined...we need to train our flesh. Training our flesh for worship has some huge pay off. There is nothing like God's presence and giving Him the honor He deserves! 


For those of you who have already learned this concept, remember church isn't the only place we should give God praise. Make time daily to praise and worship Him. If you've found yourself in a rut during worship - try doing something new to break yourself out of those familiar habits. If you don't normally jump up and down or spin - you may try it, especially if it's in front of others. Worship in spirit and truth, not in fear and bondage. Who cares what others think. We care what God thinks! Put Him in his rightful position - high and lifted up!