Free Build Your Faith Challenge

Build your faith in a few minutes a day.

Our January 2021 challenge is closed. Register now for the May 2021 challenge. 

This challenge is for believers of any level - whether you are a new believer or you've been walking with Jesus for years. 

If you believe in God or at least want to believe in God, but you don’t feel you are fully confident that He is who He says He is, then this challenge is for you. 


This challenge is not a devotional. It’s for busy people - to build your faith in just a few minutes a day. 


You will walk away from each daily video fully confident that God can and will be active in your life. You will learn how to apply the Word of God and actually see a change.

Do You Want To...

See God active in your day to day life?

Stop wondering if God actually cares about your struggles?

Build your confidence in God and His Word?

Do you want to increase your faith? 

Join us for the 21 Day Build Your Faith Challenge!